Contest report and what I have been up to lately

I am very sorry for not my longer absence from this blog. I have been quite busy and just couldn't write a post. I actually did write it on my Facebook page but failed to copy+paste it here ;).

This is a copy of what I wrote on Facebook:
"My show is over (been for a while) and I finally get to write a short report about it.
First I have to say that the event was awesome. Great atmosphere and organization. There were some minor glitches but that just makes organizers human ;).

I competed in Classic Bodybuilding up to 175 cm category and placed 8th of 9 competitors. Other guys were just awesome.
I am not looking for excuses. I didn't expect to be in the finals and am glad I wasn't last but I still think I should have done better. I am not saying judging was not OK, I was not OK. I came on stage bloated although I looked just fine a couple of hours earlier.

I got really tired two hours prior to stepping on stage and I think that is when the bloating began.

I woke up at 3:40 AM and was wide awake. Tried to go back to sleep but I could not really fall asleep. I eventually got out of bed at 6 AM. Ate breakfast, had my morning coffee (mmmm coffeeeee) and woke up my wife to apply a new layer of tan. I then woke up my daughter. We picked up my fried on the way and hit the road. 1,2 h trip to Maribor where I dropped my daughter off at her auntie. Then off to the scene of the crime ;).
I weighed in at around 11 AM at 77,6 kg which is 0,9 kg more then last year.

I got on stage at around 6 PM. 12 h waiting got to me. I lack experience on how to maintain my form for a prolonged time. I guess cortisol was the culprit for me coming out bloated. I usually look bloated after stress or when I am tired.

OK.. enough of analyzing. I AM satisfied and AM mostly proud about the way I got in shape for this contest. Flexible dieting with no countless hours of cardio sessions (HIIT and an occasional MISS) and without using any drugs, water manipulation or diuretics.

I got to hang out with my friends from Natural Muscle Zone and had a great time."

Below are some pictures from the show.

I decided not to compete in 2014. We will see about 2015. My spirits are still high but I need more muscle to be more competitive.

What have I been up to lately:
I started playing rugby again and that has been keeping me quite busy/tired. After a four year break I couldn't keep my self away from the odd shaped ball and the grass and mud.

The feeling for the ball and the game is still there but my conditioning is very bad. I am physically fit but my cardio performance sucks. I guess if I did cardio for my contest prep I'd be in a great place for rugby now ;).

The added muscle really makes a difference on the pitch. I am stronger at defence and offence but am a bit slow on the pitch. It's not that I'm stiff but I have to teach my nervous system to react faster again. It will take some time but I'll get there eventually. Being 36 also plays a role here. My mind says go NOW but my body says.. not so fast mate ;).

It also keeps me out of the gym quite a lot. Regeneration time from a match or a hard training sessions takes for ages it would seem. That is why I decided to break my reverse dieting routine and increased my food intake a lot. I'm talking ~3300-4000 kcal per day. 3300 on off day, 4000 on training/match day in hopes that my regeneration times improve.
Another reason for this increase is due to the fact that I started loosing weight! I dropped from 77,6 to 76,7 kg even though I kept myself well hydrated. I managed to increase my weight without regaining too much fat. Some weight increase is due to more food in my digestive system and more water in my body but I am now maintaining a steady 79-80 kg range.

I'm on the far left.. with a mo ;).

On 30th November we play our last game for this year. Then it's gym time again. I will start 5-3-1 again and will try to do at least three 30 min running sessions per week. I will try to find a conditioning routine to get myself in proper playing form for next year.


Progress update and socializing

Hi everybody.

I haven't posted anything in a while. It is due to being quite busy with my work, family and contest prep. Also because I created a Facebook page which allows me to share my thoughts and progress faster.

You're welcome to visit my Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/MissionSuperbody.

My preps are going great. The new approach is even better then I expected. 
I don't starve myself, I don't have cravings and most important I don't do countless hours of cardio. 

I still eat flexible, which means I eat everything - "clean" food, "junk" food, sweets, ice cream, chocolate, pizza, ... everything goes as long as it fits my macros, which I keep flexible also. 
With that I mean that I increase/decrease my intake based on my daily activities. If I am more active then usual I increase a bit, if I'm not very active I decrease a bit. 

For cardio I do modified  HIIT sessions on stationary bike - recommended by dr. Layne Norton. I do 7 sets instead of 5 and usually add about 20 minutes of MISS (medium intensity). First I did one session a week, then two, now that the contest is close I try to do 3 sessions a week. Twice with MISS and one session HIIT only. Also on non training days I walk my dog for about 35-40 minutes at medium pace. It helps clear my mind and soul.
"Best Damn Cardio Humanly Possible in 15 Minutes" - Fitocracy 
My current body weight is ~76,5kg. I think I will loose another kg by the time I start loading up. 

This is my current form at three weeks out - 5 days ago:

I'm also very glad to report that my strength has fallen only a bit. No serious losses and I believe that the loss can only be attributed to caloric deficit and not muscle loss. We will see how it goes after the contest. 

At two weeks out I'll start reversing my diet and gradually start loading for the show. 


Maxximum Open 2013 - Application form sent

Yesterday - 95 days out - I sent my application form to enter Maxximum Open 2013 so now it's getting serious. 

Some data about Maxximum Open 2013:

MAXXIMUM OPEN 2013 and Slovenian Championship FBZS-IFBB

Date: 5th October 2013
Organized by: Maksimum d.o.o. and FBZS-IFBB
Where: Festivalna dvorana Lent, LoŇ°ka ulica 13, Maribor, Slovenia

Weigh-in: 10.00 – 12.00
Competition: Prejudging and finals 15.00

Juniors Classic Bodybuilding: open
Juniors Men Bodybuilding: open
Masters Men Bodybuilding: open
Men Athletic physique: -175cm/+175cm
Men Wheelchair: open
Men Newcomer: samo Slovenski tekmovalci
Women Bikini: -163cm/+163cm
Women Bodyfitness: open
Women Athletic Fitness: open
Women physique: open
Men Classic Bodybuilding: -175cm/ +175cm
Men Bodybuilding: -80 kg/-90 kg/+90kg

This year I will represent the colors of Natural Muscle Zone

My goal and expectations: enjoy preparations, be in a better form then last year and have a great time on stage. 
Last years form - to be improved this year.



Here is a comparison of my form 18 days out from last years BB show and 128 days out of this years show.

6 kg difference. 


138 days out

It is about time I check in.
So what have I been up to these days.

I came down with a flu accompanied by sinusitis which took it's tool and kept my away from gym for a  couple of weeks. Just when I was getting back to my feet, my father had yet another brain stroke.

Because I didn't feel OK and my mind wasn't 100% focused on my goals I stopped doing 5-3-1.

I also didn't know how to adjust my macros during illness. I had an idea that I should keep my macros as before but just couldn't. My appetite was gone.
Speaking of macros. I adjusted them twice since my last post, both times lowering my intake. Now I'm at ~200-P, 250-C, 40-F.

For cardio I did a couple of HIIT sessions since my last post. Not a lot ;).

I did another PL mock meet and I was not satisfied. I was 25kg down from my previous totals.

Plans for the near future. Start 5-3-1 again - TODAY! Do at least one HIIT session per week and stick to my macros. I'll do at least two more cycles of 5-3-1 and then I'll probably switch to pull-push-legs routine.

Form check:


184 days out

184 days out from MaxxOpen 2013.
Current bodyweight is 82.3 kg, which is 1.4 kg less then when I started. My lowest weight so far was 82.1 kg but it fell too quick so I had to stop it. I did that by increasing my overall calorie intake. If the progress stays the same the stage weight should be around 75-76 kg

I also made some modifications to my diet. Still eating flexible and intend to do it forever. I increased Carbs and lowered Fats a bit. My current intake is ~320-330g Carbs, 40-50 g Fat and 200 Protein. I try to get at least 10-15% of my calorie intake worth of fibers.

Since the weather is going to be getting warmer and warmer and with the days becoming longer I will start doing HIIT sessions in the nearby woods. Hill sprints or bust. Also my dog owner activities and dog walks/runs are going to be increasing so I guess my calorie intake will have to get even higher.

Now I do HIIT on stationary bike (once a week), which is OK, but it doesn't give me the same satisfaction as nature does. Nothing beats fresh air, wind in your face and the smell of woods. It's just priceless and really relaxing.

My training is still the same. 5-3-1. I am making progress and am getting stronger. Estimated 1RM on deadlift jumped to 212 kg which is fuarking epic IMHO. My previous "high" was 201 kg two weeks prior. I'll try my real 1 RM in about 3 weeks when I'll do another PL mock meet.

Squats are also progressing very well. Although my est. 1RM has not jumped as high as DL (est. SQ 1RM is 197kg) I managed to hit my PB @ 190 kg again. And no. It wasn't PL style testing. It was actually after a squat session. I squat low-bar.

Here's how it went.
Squat: 5x73kg, 5x90kg, 3x106kg, 5x130kg, 5x138kg, 5+ 5 = 10x148kg could do another two squats.
1x160kg, 1x170kg, 1x180kg, 1x190kg

Front squat: 10x60kg, 2x5x90kg
Leverage Squat Calf Machine - squat: 10x120kg, 3x10x140kg
Single leg extensions: 3x10x38kg
Single lying leg curls: 4x12x15kg
Occl. Calf raise: 30x30kg, 4x15x30kg
Occl. Machine preacher curls: 30x15kg, 2x15kg, 8x15kg

I think that club 200 kg on Squat is soon approaching. Also on deadlift. If I manage that I will set my PL Totals to about 525 kg (1.157 lbs) or more. Current at 495 kg or 1091 lbs.

OHP kicked up to 90 kg est. 1RM and Bench press up to 134 kg.

Until next time. Have fun! I KNOW I will.


Testing maxes aka self PL meet

Last Sunday I decided to put my body to the test.
It was time to see where my actual 1 RM's are. 

Since I do most of power lifting exercises I decided to do a "self PL meet". 

The results were a bit surprising as I was sure I would increase my 1 RM on deadlift and improve the depth on my squat. Bench press was a bit disappointing but still an improvement. So I guess I really should not be disappointed. 

It was a morning workout and here is how it went:
Morning BW 82,4 kg. 

Squat: 190 kg (PR!) - depth about the same as 180 last time.
Bench: 125 kg
DL: 180 kg
Total: 495 kg . 

5 x 60kg, 
5 x 80kg, 
3 x 100kg, 
3 x 120kg, 
1 x 140kg, 
1 x 160kg, 
1 x 170kg (from here on with belt), 
1 x 180kg, 
1 x 190 kg - FAIL
1 x 190 kg (PR)
1 x 200 kg - EPIC fail. The weight really surprised me. 
1 x 200 kg - FAIL.

5 x 40kg, 
5 x 60kg,
3 x 80kg,
3 x 100kg,
1 x 120kg, 
1 x 125kg, 
1 x 130kg - FAIL.  

5 x 60kg, 
5 x 80kg, 
3 x 100kg, 
3 x 120kg, 
1 x 140kg, 
1 x 160kg (from here on with belt - w/o straps),
1 x 180kg, (straps) 
1 x 190 kg - FAIL
1 x 190 kg - EPIC FAIL , 
1 x 180 kg - FAIL!;), 
2 x 160 kg, 
8 x 140 kg. 

I made a video of the "meet". 

I really enjoyed this workout and will do it again after next cycle of 5-3-1. 


5-3-1 progress so far

In November 2012 I started Jim Wendler's 5-3-1 program to gain strength which is a must in natural BB.
I decided to give 5-3-1 with assistance work for bodybuilding a try. (4 exercises, 4 sets, 8-15 rep range).
My estimated 1 RM were:
Military press: ~ 69,5 kg
Deadlift: ~ 164 kg
Bench press: ~ 110 kg
Squat: ~ 150 kg

My bodyweight at start was 78 kg.
After 4 cycles an ear infection, deload week and flu I am at ~83 kg which makes 5kg gain. My goal was not to go beyond 82 kg, but a broken scale messed with me. It showed me at 80-81 kg for about 1 month and a half before I noticed something was off. Mirror is kind to me though so it's not such a bad thing.

Back to 5-3-1.
As already mentioned I had a few set backs. First was a 14 day OFF due to ear infection and the second a flu only a month later. It sucked big time. I lost so much strength and energy.

Here's my 5-3-1 progress in pictures.

As you can see, my strength is going up steadily. There are some ups and downs but it not a big deal as long as linear line is rising. Some drops are also due to the fact that my schedule at work is very irregular and I sometimes do not get enough sleep. Were it not for the illnesses I'm certain my gains would've been even greater.

I like the program A LOT. At first it was a challenge dropping the volume. It still is sometimes.

My best 1RM during these four cycles:

Military press: ~ 88 kg = ~ 18,5 kg gain
Deadlift: ~ 199 kg = ~ 35 kg gain
Bench press: ~ 135 kg = ~ 25 kg gain
Squat: ~ 186 kg = ~ 36 kg gain

I set many personal bests in these couple of months.
I actually deadlifted 180 kg and squated 180 kg. Wasn't low enough but I'll slowly get there.
left - 148 kg | right - 180 kg
Video is also available on both PB's.

Next Sunday is a test your maxes day ;). Hopefully I enter 200 kg club at deadift.

That's it from me. Stay tuned for updates and thanks for following my blog.


My diet = flexible diet

I don't remember writing this yet. I might have mentioned I use IIFYM type of dieting.

If you'd like to know what flexible dieting or modern buzz word IIFYM is all about please click on these links:
http://www.bodyrecomposition.com/a-guide-to-flexible-dieting  Edited 30th Jan 2013 (can't believe I forgot "the bible" ;))
http://www.iifym.com/ - official website,
http://www.doyoueven.com/2013/01/iifympart1/ - first part of a 4 part series,
http://www.naturalmusclezone.com/prehrana/mala-sola-fleksibilnega-prehranjevanja-iifym-1-del - for Slovene followers of this blog.


Deloading (sort of) done and arm blasting.

I finished deload week on Friday and went full speed ahead on Saturday.

Used deloading to try and improve my form on Overhead press, Deadlift and Bench press. Squat form is OK, so no need for any major improvements there.

Did I mention I HATE deload?! I know it is a must (and I needed it) but I still hate it. Just cannot change the mindset to do less volume/weight.

I also increased the loads on 5/3/1 quite a bit. It's quite funny doing 9+ reps on 1+ minicycle you know. People look at you in a funny way. Just kidding there. But it is kinda funny. I increased all my upper body work loads by 7,5 kg and lower body loads by 12,5 kg.

On OHP I managed 8 reps for 60kg on 5+ day so  think it is OK. Although I did 12x63kg on 1+ I'm satisfied since I really improved on form. Lowered the bar to chest as opposed to only lowering it to chin as in 1+. I felt my shoulders a lot more with proper form.  I think I have still got room for improvements. Must find a way to stabilize my body better.

Deadlift 5+ was scheduled yesterday. Well I only managed 9x138 kg this time. I was really concentrating on form and was very tired before coming to gym. Stress and stuff. My father is in the hospital again, so is my father in law and my best friends mom.

So.. Deadlift. As far as I can see I still have to be faster with my hips. Have to push them forward sooner. I still lift my toes up as I lift, which is not a good sign I think. Feet should be firmly on ground. Music sucked big time..

And now to arm blasting part.
I have this idea that my arms are lagging behind other parts of my body. I decided to hit them every time I go to the gym for two weeks (7 workouts), just to see what happens. Well it is happening. My arms have visually grown. I still can't believe it when I look in the mirror or put a t-shirt on. I am really surprised about the results. I have no plan I just hit 3-4 random exercises for 12-15 reps for biceps and triceps. I will go by the plan from now on to see if it is only the pump that gives me the feeling of the change I am seeing.